Top tips to keep your pets mentally and physically healthy

Some pets are absolutely loving their owners being home all the time.

One dog even hurt its tail because it was wagging it so much due to excitement.

A vet has warned, though, that we risk passing our stress and anxiety on to our pets, and potentially affecting their mental health.

Pets pick up subliminal messages and they are going to pick up on anxiety and stress.

Anytime when there are changes in our daily routine, it’s going to disrupt our pets.

Pet owners may become distracted as they struggle with the life and could neglect their cats and dogs.

With people being at home more often, pets will be bonding with their owners more. But with mom and dad trying to work from home, let’s make sure that the pet doesn’t get overlooked.

Here’s our tips how to keep your pets happy at home.

It’s just as important to keep your pet stimulated mentally as well as physically. Try using dog ‘puzzles,’ like a Kong toy to keep your dog mentally engaged.

A dog does need physical exercise.

Social interaction is no problem if you’ve got kids at home to play with the dog, but how much attention is too much?

It’s important to give your dog, or cat for that matter, a safe quiet place where they can go if the kids get too loud.

Also, the importance of cleaning up kids’ crafts or even snack/chip bags. Both can pose a danger to dogs with some crafting supplies being toxic and chip bags are a suffocation hazard.


Finally, when the lock-down eventually ends, and things get back to normal your pet may have a hard time adjusting back to life as usual.

And your dog could experience separation anxiety. That’s why it’s key to leave your house for short amounts of time to take a walk or drive.

That reminds your dog that they can cope at home alone. Some families have even hired virtual dog trainers to help guide people and their pets through this difficult time.

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