What Diet Plan Kate Middleton Follows For Weight Loss


Kate Middleton has fans all over the world. The Duchess of Cambridge married into the Royal Family in 2007. Since she has become known for her impeccable style.

It has also been claimed Kate drinks healthy juices every day to stay healthy.

The Daily Mail reported she “drinks smoothies morning and afternoon, containing spirulina, kale, matcha (a finely ground green tea powder), spinach, lettuce, cilantro and blueberries”.

Kate has said in the past she enjoys cooking curries at home.

When eating with the Queen, Kate is sure to avoid carbs.

Her Majesty avoids rice, potatoes and pasta at night.


Kate is also a big fan of exercising, helping to keep her slender.

Speaking to Mail Online, a source gave a look into the exercise plan she has followed in the past.

They told the publication: “Kate is an exercise junkie. Pippa and Kate take their toned physiques extremely seriously.

“She and Pippa enjoy strenuous make-up-free aqua aerobics sessions and larky water polo with William and Harry.”

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