Top tips to stay sane while self-isolating

As the coronavirus pandemic and the associated panic escalates, here’s Healthy Supplies Tips for remaining calm during the crisis.

There is a likelihood that people who are inclined to be anxious are going to be more anxious.

There’s no question about that…

We’ll be looking at a spike in mental heath problems during this time, but there’s things we can do to stay sane at home.

We’ve already seen from the panic buying that there might have been a little bit of resilience deficiency already, and this has just heightened it.


Our tips for staying calm:

Look after your physical health

There’s nothing wrong with you exercising, going for a walk.

There are a whole range of online workouts, so even if you don’t want to go to a gym you can do that.

It’s really important to stay connected with family and friends.

I’ve said to you many times that the greatest predictor of wellbeing is contact with a rich repertoire of friends.

You might not be able to see them, necessarily, quite as much, but social interaction is one of the six pillars of health.

Cook and bake healthy food.

This is your opportunity to come up with a signature dish so you can reframe this as an opportunity to learn something new.

Consider online e-therapy

There’s some wonderful websites that you can go to and do courses to help you think in a more healthy way.



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