Lauren Simpson latest workout in pink clothes


Australian fitness model Lauren Simpson shared a home workout demonstration with her fans in the latest video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a dark pink sports bra and matching leggings, the petite blond powerhouse started her workout with a set of deep goblet squats, holding a bright blue dumbell in front of her chest as she did so.

Then she moved on to doing lying leg curls.

This exercise required her to lay chest-down on an exercise mat as she raised a dumbbell that she’d placed between her feet.

Lauren then moved on to doing seated hip abductions with an exercise band.

For this move, she sat on a table with the band wrapped above her knees before she spread her legs and closed them to complete her reps.

Lauren moved outside for the next exercise, a series of bent-over dumbbell alternating rows, which meant that she had to lean forward at the waist and push each weight forward and back, one after the other.

Lateral dumbbell raises came next which saw her lift the weights out to the sides with her elbows bent.

In the fourth and last video, Lauren performed a set of plank up and downs.


Starting in a plank position with her elbows on the ground, she then pressed one hand on the ground and extended her arm. She repeated the move on the next side and eventually ended up in a pushup position.

Then she reversed the exercise, lowering herself into the original plank position plank, one arm after the other.

In her caption, Lauren informed promoted her upcoming 8-week paid workout challenge and told fans that people who had already signed up that they could switch from the gym and home workout options.

The decision stemmed from the fact that many people currently don’t have access to gyms, she said.

The post has been liked over 13,000 times so far and more than 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans shared their appreciation for the at-home workout demonstration.

“Love it,” one person wrote before adding a pair of red heart emoji to their comment. “These workouts are not to be underestimated either. They burn.”

“This is the best news we could have in this situation!” another added. I was thinking about this before how cool it would be. You are amazing.”

“Saving this for when Australia goes into lockdown and i can’t go to the gym ahaha,” a third commenter added.

“Ahhh, amazing announcement Lauren!” a fourth supported gushed before adding Thank you for the opportunity to switch between home or gym.,”

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