Kayla Itsines Beginner Abs Workout Video ( New)

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur with Greek heritage. She is the creator of a series of fitness workouts.

Kayla Itsines takes to Instagram on an almost daily basis to impart her fitness wisdom to her 12.2 million followers.

Recently, Kayla posted her latest update on the photo-sharing site that featured her demonstrating an ab workout on an inclined bench.

For the workout, the trainer stunned in her typical training outfit.

She wore an orange sports bra covered by a white, slightly translucent layer that left a stretch of her toned tummy on display.

She paired the top with tiny black gym shorts that left her long, sculpted legs unobstructed.

As per usual, Kayla had her generous, brown tresses pulled up into a high ponytail that flowed down her back.

She also sported a white Apple watch.


In the video, Kayla sat on an exercise bench, which was angled toward the floor.

She draped her legs over two padded leg rests, bending them at the knee and securing her white-sneakered feet in front of her.

She held a yellow and black patterned exercise ball against her abdomen and bent herself at the waist to start.

The fitness trainer then moved into a series of ab workouts.

She began by lying down on the bench with her head pointed towards the floor.

She then started to perform crunches, pushing the exercise ball up above her shoulders each time she pulled herself up.

The following move involved twisting the ball from one side to the other while she was in a sitting position.

A third exercise involved throwing the ball up and catching it while also performing crunches.

The circuit continued with a series of toe touches and normal crunches without using the ball.

In the caption of the post, Kayla let her followers in on her tips and tricks for mastering the decline ab bench.

She told them that the bench is a great piece of equipment for advanced women looking for a challenge.

She added that beginners should work up to using the bench by performing the exercises on the floor first.

The fitness trainer’s followers left over 150,000 likes and dozens of comments on the video.

They commented on the difficult workout and asked questions about how to tailor it to their own specific needs.

“Love this!! I’m definitely adding to my incline ab workout!!!” one Instagram user commented.

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