3 Most Effective Strategies To Lose Belly Fat

Three rules that really work if you want to lose belly fat….

Despite the great diversity of recipes for a perfect belly, there are general rules that will help to get rid of body fat in the waist area.

If done correctly, then 5-10 cm at the waist and noticeably shrunken tummy is guaranteed.

RULE # 1. Don’t OVEREAT As we would like to believe the fairy tale that you can eat cakes every day and keep a flat stomach – in most cases it is a myth.

Scientists have long proved that 80% of success is getting rid of body fat depends on diet and only 20% from exercise.

It is very important your diet should have fruits and vegetables (preferably green), useful protein (poultry, cheese, eggs) and some healthy carbs (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, fiber).

Be sure to drink plenty of water – it helps excrete the toxins and wastes, and will not let fat to be deposited on the sides and belly.

During the period when you’re actively trying to fight obesity, it is better to give up sugar, and salted and smoked foods.

It is better to limit the consumption of coffee, juices and tea.

Nutritionists advise not to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach to drink one or two glasses of warm water.


RULE # 2. CHARGING AND VACUUM of a stomach is one of the best and most effective exercises to fight the fat on sides and tummy.

In addition, this exercise allows you to keep muscles toned.

As a bonus, the vacuum a very positive effect on the digestive tract and helps in the prevention of various diseases of the digestive system.

The vacuum can be performed lying down, but the effect becomes much better if the vacuum is standing up.

This exercise is performed as follows: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lean forward when you do this, bend your knees and uprights hands on hips.

Take a deep breath with your belly and lean forward (the head should be tilted down), and then exhale the air as much as possible, draw the belly, you should literally feel like all your internal organs catch up; hold the resulting position for a few seconds and then relax.

For best results, you need to do vacuum belly in the morning and repeat 15-20 times. Also need to do daily exercise.

RULE # 3. WRAPS It is very helpful in gaining the ideal shape.

Use wraps for your belly – a very effective procedure. Only 2-3 times a week and the results will show.

Wraps can be done in the beauty salon and at home. For this you can use special tools that are sold in stores and pharmacies, or prepare them yourself.

The best option for wraps – coffee grounds with honey and a pinch of red pepper. Use these ingredients to prepare mixture. Then, apply it evenly on the abdomen, and then wrap in cling wrap and leave it for 30 minutes.

Before applying this mixture to wrap consult your doctor and do some test on hand – apply and leave on for 5-7 minutes. And don’t forget to do patch test to prevent an allergic reaction.

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