What is the most sustainable way to lose weight?

Here are tips to abide by to help you with the weight loss journey.


Be patient

Trust the process. People have different timelines when it comes to weight loss. Your friend could lose weight faster than you but that does not mean you are doing it wrong. Instead, understand that you will see positive results with consistency.

We’ve all been guilty of it: smugly swallowing a mouthful of greens before regurgitating platitudes such as, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” or the equally misguidedly, “It’s 90% diet.”

But without rebooting your training and diet in harmony, you’ll never tip the scales in your favour.

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle confirmed this when they conducted randomised trials on overweight participants.

A clean diet alone was nowhere near as effective for fat loss as combining good nutrition with regular exercise.

In fact, after five years, as many as 95% of dieters will, at best, be back where they started, and 41% will have regained more weight than they lost.

It’s exercise that makes a plan stick.

As well as being beneficial in isolation, training has been proven to play a key role in diet adherence.

Most of us underestimate the mental toughness required to resist cravings, but research shows that even small amounts of physical activity strengthens willpower.

Hitting the gym not only burns calories , but it also steels you against the lure of the Golden Arches.

The same can’t be said of a kale smoothie.

If you’re training hard, you have the opportunity to break from nutritional austerity with a cheat day, too.

Rely exclusively on food for transformation and there’s no room for slip-ups: you can’t burn off extra calories without exercise.

Workouts are what turn any reboot into a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a short-lived dietary denial.

To make your resolutions stick, lace up your trainers.


Research on what to eat and what workouts to undertake. Do not stick to just one routine as it gets boring. Also, research on what diets to partake and spice up your weight loss journey. It should not be a boring journey. You can make it interesting.

Know there will be good and bad days

Weight loss is not a straight journey. There will be days you will not want to work out but you have to push through. There will be days you will get tired quickly and want to quit and that is okay, do not be too hard on yourself.

Set goals

Do not work out without clear goals. Set achievable goals which are timely. For example, say you will lose three kilograms in one month. Do not overestimate your ability and also, do not make it too easy.

Have a gym routine

Do not just walk into the gym and mimic others. Know what you will do for warm-up and how you will get into it. Have a three-day routine that exercises all parts of your body.

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