How do I get my makeup to look like no makeup?

No makeup look is all the rage, and it doesn’t require going barefaced. Rather, learn how to rock subtle no makeup, makeup for beauty that looks natural.

The concept of no make-up make-up is pretty odd because the idea is to wear make-up only to look like you’re not wearing any.

This barefaced look has become a sought-after trend over the years and it’s likely to stay — it gives us room to scale back on the usual time-consuming make-up routine and takes the pressure off from having to look fully made-up at all times.

While it requires fewer products than heavy make-up, the no make-up look still needs a handful of things.

Essentially, a no make-up look is all about using products with shades that are similar to your skin tone because the goal is to highlight your natural beauty.

Nude-pink lips and light coverage foundation is key. Some use colour correctors to erase dark circles, redness and imperfections.

It’s easier to achieve this understated look compared to the full glam one, but realistically, not everyone loves putting on make-up.

Some of us like to do the ultimate bare minimum when it comes to make-up, which means going out without eyeshadow or mascara.

It’s not a crime if you choose to leave the house without make-up, but we should do our best to boost our natural glow. There are some tips you can apply to appear natural yet polished even with no make-up.

Here’s how.


Self-care goes a long way, and singer Alicia Keys will tell you the importance of it on her YouTube video titled Get Unready With Me.

It’s important to squeeze in some time for self-care because it produces positive feelings, and when you are happy, it shows on the outside too.

Self-care means many things. It could be taking a 20 minute hot shower to relax after a long day or taking some time to wind down and apply your weekly facial masks. It also might mean prioritising your skincare routine.

A good skincare routine is incredibly important for clear, flawless skin. Cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate if you must.

Launching into a beauty routine first thing in the morning isn’t for everyone, so take your time and pamper yourself at night before you go to sleep.

That way, your skin will be well-prepped and moisturised for the next day.


One of the ways to boost your natural glow is to apply serum. Serums are great because they contain concentrates of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamin C and collagen. All these ingredients are great to help you achieve radiant skin, even without make-up.


If you’re not into foundation but still want a bit of coverage to smooth out any uneven skin tone, opt for multi-purpose base products like tinted moisturisers or tinted primers or sunscreen. But even if you opt for no tinted products, be sure to apply sunscreen!


Eyes are the windows to your soul, they say. There’s no doubt that the eyes and lips are the two most important areas to uplift your overall look. One way to appear fresh is by giving yourself an instant eye lift and many of us do this with mascara, but you can still brighten your eyes without mascara. Just use a really good eyelash curler to add some length and give it a good curl.


As mentioned earlier, the eyes and lips are the two important areas to pay extra attention to.

Your eyebrows frame your face and give it structure.

Depending on your preference, you can wax or thread your eyebrows to define it while maintaining its natural arch. If your eyebrows have hairs that stick out in different angles, comb them.

When you groom your eyebrows, it gives a clean finish to your overall look even if you don’t apply make-up.


If lipsticks aren’t your thing, keep your pout moisturised with lip balm.

If you want a hint of colour, get tinted lip balms. Brands like Burt’s Bees are known for its lip balms but the brand also has a range of tinted ones.

In addition to that, regularly scrub your lips to avoid a flaky pout.


Unless you wear the hijab, your precious locks are also on display for everyone to see so give it some care too.

If you’re always on the go and barely have time to groom your hair in the morning, learn beauty hacks for your hair to save time.

I like to take my time to shampoo and condition my hair every night so I don’t have to rush and be a complete mess the next morning.

By washing my hair every night, I am able to let it dry naturally as opposed to using a hair dryer in the morning (this will only cause it to look extra dry). If you have frizzy hair, find products to tame the frizz.

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