Healthy Snack Platter Ideas That are Insta Worthy

Use this guide to create your own delicious healthy party platter that will go viral on Instagram!

How to make your own snack platter look good?

Bright, colorful ingredients always look great, and so easy to find.

Grouping similar colors together helps them contrast with other colors and lets them stand out.

When working with something that doesn’t have a wide range of colors like, for example, french fries, adding fresh garnishes usually does the trick.

What is an ingredient that looks gorgeous in photos but doesn’t taste all that great? 

Dragonfruit are bright and gorgeous and interesting to look at, but they don’t have a ton of flavor.

Related to dragonfruit, a lot of these acai and pitaya (another word for dragonfruit) bowls are so beautiful in photos.

Which foods can sit out for a while? 

Fresh fruit and vegetables last the longest, then dips for crudites and cheese to varying degrees depending on the type.

Because these last the longest sitting out on the board, place them on the board first.

Some people like to take cheeses out of the refrigerator at least an hour before serving to let them soften, but 15 to 20 minutes is long enough to just get the chill off, as they will soften as they sit on the board.

Most foods that you would typically put on a board can sit out for an hour or two without going bad per se, they just may not be as appetizing, like cold french fries.

Photography and lighting tips to bring about your beautiful food platter.

The two biggest tips are:

1) use the equipment you have and

2) shoot with natural light.

It also looks the best if you set up boards and dishes at home next to a large window that lets bright light in for a majority of the day, but not in direct sunlight.

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