What to eat before workout to lose weight?

This article will help you to plan what you can eat before your workout to lose weight.

Everybody is different and chances are your level of physical activity may be different than those around you.

However, there are some common themes that are good to remember surrounding nutrition and exercise.

The human body stores glucose from carbohydrates in the form of glycogen.

When we exercise, our body uses some of that glycogen storage.

Therefore, eating some carbs before a workout will ensure your body is rebuilding those stores and giving your body the energy, or fuel, it needs to get through the workout.

Most people find it best to eat a small meal or snack anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours before a workout.

It is also important to get good nutrition after a workout.

Again, you need some carbohydrates for glycogen repletion, but also getting some protein is very important for muscle recovery.

Protein is what rebuilds and repairs our muscles, especially after strength training.


You can also find foods that have electrolytes, since we lose some when we sweat.

Typically, it is best to eat within an hour of your workout.

When you skip eating before or after your workout, you can end up fatigued and your body may not be able to recover as well.

Lastly, staying hydrated before and after your workout is extremely important.

Some examples of pre-workout snacks might include multigrain toast with almond butter, strawberries and chia seeds, which has some complex carbohydrates for energy and some protein for muscle building.

Greek yogurt with granola is another example, because

Greek yogurt tends to have more protein than a regular yogurt.

Some ideas for post workout snacks include a simple banana milk smoothie.

The banana has some electrolytes and the milk has a great ratio of carbs to protein along with helping to aid in hydration. You can even add a scoop of protein powder if desired.

A turkey wrap with veggies and hummus is a lean protein that has a good balance of carbs as well; this is an easy lunch idea even if you have not just worked out.

This is an oatmeal recipe includes all the core macronutrients that contribute to feeling good during your workouts.

The oatmeal and chia seeds provide a slow-digesting carb source to fuel your workout, the peanut butter contains proteins and healthy fats to assist with muscle growth, and the milk adds on more healthy fats and proteins as well a good calcium source which is absolutely essential to muscle contractions


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