What Rhinoplasty Has To Do With Anti Aging Treatments? New Study Revealed

Whether we’re ready for it or not, aging happens and wrinkles appear.

In a study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the research team has made an interesting discovery regarding anti-aging treatments.

The findings of this study indicate that rhinoplasty may help women in looking younger.

With the advancement in science and technology, researchers have found different methods to delay the inevitable process of aging or reduce its signs.

Various facials, face lifters, and fillers are known for there anti-aging effects. But up till now, rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery for nose weren’t considered to have anti-aging effects.

The “Aesthetic Surgery Journal” has presented the latest findings regarding rhinoplasty.

The study’s research team used AI technology called machine learning and found that females opting for rhinoplasty looked nearly three years younger.

The researchers enlisted 100 women for their study.

These participants had an age between 16 and 72 years and decided to have rhinoplasty due to some cosmetic reasons.

The study’s senior author and UCLA surgeon analyzed the pictures of these participants before and after undergoing cosmetic surgery for their nose.

The artificial intelligence technology – machine learning was used to study these standardized pictures obtained from every participant, among which one was before surgery and the other was 12 or more weeks after surgery.

The machine works by cropping the participant’s face from the picture to assess her age and then provides the estimated age by using an algorithm.


Dr. Robert Dorfman stated that rhinoplasty has made its name as a procedure to enhance facial beauty.

In this procedure, patients receive general anesthesia and then small incisions are made by surgeons inside the nose and sometimes around the nostrils.

It is done to bring about structural changes in the nose’ cartilage and bone.

In this study, the procedures for cosmetic nose surgery were personalized to suit the individual’s face.

According to Dorfman, until now, there was a lack of objective scientific evidence to invigorate the effect of this cosmetic surgery procedure.

The machine learning can not only precisely estimate age in an objective manner but can also identify signs and patterns of aging in a better way when compared to the human eye.

The anti-aging effects of rhinoplasty were even more significant in females aged more than 40.

These females looked nearly seven years younger after undergoing this procedure.

But in spite of these results, the researchers suggest that there’s a need for additional research to validate the findings as only a small number of women (25) were 40-plus in this study.

Most of the anti-aging treatments also focus on an individual’s nose.

But the human nose made up of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, also ages just like other body features.

Due to the aging process, there is a loss of cheeks volume and facial fat. Such effects of aging give the nose a droopy and more prominent appearance.

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