What are the health benefits of cardamom?

Cardamom is a versatile spice with many uses, both in the kitchen and as part of an herbal medicine cabinet. Read on to discover how the spice can be supremely beneficial for our health, skin and hair.

It can cure numerous health and skin problems. Regular consumption of this spice can also combat depression.

So, you can have cardamom in your regular tea to take all its benefits to combat all health issues. 

Here are the health benefits of Cardamom given below.


Check them out now:

Improves digestion

Cardamom can be used for healthy digestion. The spice also works on metabolism for having high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also stimulate the secretion of bile acid in the stomach to promote healthy digestion and proper fat metabolism. It prevents other gastrointestinal ailments like acidity, heartburn, diarrhoea, etc.

Good for heart health

The spice has antioxidant properties, which can promote heart health. Cardamom also contains fibre that can help to lower cholesterol levels for a healthy heart. 

Lowers the risk of cancer

Cardamom can lower the risk of cancer. Some animal studies have shown that the spice can prevent, delay, and even reverse the formation of cancer. 

Comes with diuretic properties

Cardamom comes with diuretic properties that can benefit hypertension, heart failure, and epilepsy. These diuretic properties of cardamom also fight against detoxification.

Combats depression

According to researchers, cardamom can combat depression. You can add a pinch of cardamom in your everyday tea to take the best of it. And drink this on a regular basis to lower the depression. 

Fights against asthma

Cardamom is extremely helpful to control the symptoms of asthma, like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest. The spice helps to ease our breathing by enhancing blood circulation within the lungs. The spice is also able to fight the inflammation by soothing the mucous membranes.

It is good for diabetic people

Cardamom is highly rich in manganese. It’s a mineral, which can lower the risk of diabetes.

Good for oral hygiene

Cardamom is rich in anti-microbial properties that are good for oral hygiene. According to the European Journal of General Dentistry, cardamom protects against oral pathogens like Streptococci mutans. The pungent taste of the spice even stimulates the salivary flow to prevent dental cavities.

Other benefits of cardamom

Some of the other benefits of this spice are as follows:

Improves appetite.

Lowers blood pressure levels.

Promotes sexual health.

Treats hiccups.

Helps to treat sore throat.

Prevents the blood from getting clot.

Promotes healthy skin.

Combats skin allergies.

Nourishes our scalp.

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