Weirdest Beauty Tips From Internet That Could Be Dangerous

Washing face with Coca-Cola, exfoliating with cat litter, and using glue as eye lashes gel are only a few weird beauty hacks we’ve seen on internet.

When it comes to a skincare routine, all of us love to try something unique now and then.

Be it trying a different type of eyeliner, or contouring your face a different way, we love to experiment with our looks.

And finding such hacks is not difficult since the internet is filled with weird hacks that are used by many people.

But what if we tell you that some hacks that you see on the internet are dangerous and shouldn’t be tried in real life?

Well, that’s true. 

Unfortunately, the internet is full of crazy hacks that sound awesome but turn out to be total crap.

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These hacks look good, but they aren’t good for your skin and hence should be avoided by all means. 

Here are some weird beauty hacks that you should never try even in your wildest dreams.


Concealing dark circles with lipstick:

If you have dark circles, then this trick suggests that you should apply nude lipstick under your eyes to cover it up. But the truth is that yes it will help you cover the dark circles, but you’ll end up with red tints under your eyes, which look bad on some skin tones.

Blushing your cheeks with beetroots:

This hack suggests you slice up a beetroot into two halves, and then rub each half on each of your cheeks. This hack works but your cheeks become way too red, and you can’t get rid of beetroot stains from your face easily. 

Nails whitening with lemon:

Too much of nail polish can make your nails yellow and brittle. As per this hack, you can whiten them by rubbing lemon juice on your nails with the help of a cotton pad and then wrapping them up with foil. However, once you peel the foil off you’ll see that there’s no change in colour. 

Shot glass to plump your lips:

This is one of the most popular hacks. It suggests putting your lips in a shot glass and sucking in air to get that Angelina Jolie-like pout. It doesn’t work because it will make your lips appear swollen and red but at the cost of a potential bruise. 

Use a credit card for straight flicks:

This hack suggests that apart from a thread, you can use credit cards to straight flicks on your eyelids. All you have to do is, keep a card as a scale on your eyelids and draw. However, it’s difficult to draw flicks this way, and they always turn out uneven and unnatural.

Colour pencils as eyeliners:

This hack suggests you use ordinary colour pencils by dabbing them in hot water for some time.

The tip will soften, which you can then use to draw lines on your eyelids.

You will get straight colourful lines no doubt, but they dry quickly and then fall off in patches. 

What is the weirdest beauty hack you’ve read online? Let us know…

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