What Was The Hottest Diet Trend Of 2019?

New year, new focus on shiny new diets with the promise of weight loss in a matter of months. Google recently released its “Year in Search Trends” for 2019.

Here’s a list:

Intermittent fasting diet

Dr. Sebi diet

Noom diet

1200 calories diet

Golo diet

Dubrow diet

Sirtfood diet

No Carbs no sugar diet

Endomorph diet

Jlo diet

Among the most popular diet trends were fasting, plant-based diets, and cutting out sugar and carbs.

The once-popular keto and carnivore diets have fallen off of the popular trends list this year, however.

Even though research shows that adopting a healthy eating plan you can stick to for life is a better tactic than yo-yo dieting, people are always intrigued by the latest strategy for losing weight in a hurry.

And in 2019, those strategies tended to fall into three patterns: slashing sugar and carbs, adding more plant-based foods, and restricting eating to certain hours of the day or to certain days of the week, according to Google’s annual ‘Year in Search Trends’ report.

Plans that aim to control weight by manipulating your body chemistry were also popular.

Given that more than 9 in 10 internet searches in the world are performed on Google or its subsidiary YouTube, the search engine’s list of trends is probably a decent gauge of what diets people were trying this year.

But, keep in mind that Google’s annual trends are based on which search terms had the biggest spike in 2019 compared to 2018.

That means some oddball diets may have landed on this top-10 list simply because they’re new.

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