Weight Loss Diet: Try These 6 Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose some weight, a diet low on carbohydrates may work well. And what better than starting your day with a low-carb meal?

Various health experts and nutritionists emphasise on the fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and we can’t agree more.

A healthy, wholesome breakfast gives us the energy to start the day and keep us full well till the next meal.

A high-protein breakfast can bulk up our body till the next meal, keeping unwanted hunger pangs at bay. Pair it with low-carb foods and you are good to go.

Here we have 6 of the best breakfast recipes you can try at home:

1. Chicken Minced Salad

One of the best sources of meat protein, chicken is hailed for its multiple benefits. Minced chicken salad has a host of veggies cooked and tossed with chicken mince along with spices and a tantalising sauce, served in tarts. This is an easy and delicious high-protein recipe, low on carbs that is perfect to start your day with.


2. Oats And Chicken Porridge

A porridge is an option for those aiming to lose weight. Oats contain soluble fibres that break down the food faster, leading to easy digestion. In this process, extra calories in the body are lost resulting, in weight loss. Combined with high-protein chicken, this is exactly what you need to maintain the balance of nutrients.


High on protein, low on carb, this is perfect for those looking for something both tasty and healthy.

3. Egg In A Blanket

Quintessential breakfast food, eggs are one of the common and easily available source of protein. Here is a super quick low-carb breakfast recipe that would fill your plate and appetite with protein for a long time and help lose some extra kilos by keeping away untimely hunger pangs.



4. Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie

Just about five minutes and three basic ingredients would give you this stellar, wholesome smoothie. Apple chia seeds smoothie has the goodness of chia seeds along with apple which is high in fibre, boosting metabolic levels. This smoothie is going to keep you full for long.


5. Sautéed Broccoli And Almonds

Yes, many of us would cringe at the thought of sautéed broccoli but you’ll be surprised at how delicious this dish can be. With the light flavours garlic and butter along with the crunch of toasted almonds, you’ll be boasting broccoli after having this for breakfast.

6. Pocket Size Cheese Omelette

Packed with the nutrition of spinach and egg, this omelette recipe comes with the cheesy goodness of mozzarella. A super easy and quick breakfast recipe, this cheese omelette can be a great addition to your low-carb diet.



Try these low-carb breakfast recipes for weight loss at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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