5 Easy Hair Care Tips Will Keep Your hair Healthy While Swimming

Love swimming but hate what it does to your hair?

You need these hair care tips in your life to protect your tresses when you go swimming.

Swimming is not only a fun activity, it is also a great way to stay in shape.

Swimming regularly can help you keep your weight in check, improve posture, provide relief from muscle pain and keep you from feeling lethargic.

Apart from swimming, you could also visit the pool to participate in a number of innovative exercises such a hydrotherapy, water aerobics, water sports and water yoga among others.

Swimming everyday can prove wonders for your health and mental well-being but it may turn out to be detrimental to your skin and hair.

The main culprit for this is chlorine.

It is used in swimming pools to kill bacteria and maintain hygiene.

Chlorine may protect you from infections, but it leaves your hair dry and weak.

It’s important that you take care of your hair and skin while and after you go swimming.

Here are a few hair care tips you can follow to keep your mane safe from long hours of exposure to water!

1. Don’t forget to oil your hair

Oil your hair before diving into the pool. Oil acts as a natural cover that makes hair waterproof and forms a protective layer on the scalp. Oil also prevents chlorine from entering hair cuticles, damaging hair color and keeps hair roots hydrated.

2. You might want to take a quick shower before taking a dip

Take a quick shower before heading to the pool as wet hair is less likely to absorb water from the pool and prevents the chemicals from building up in the hair. Apply a conditioner as it will nourish your hair follicles and protect your hair from chlorine.

3. Put on a swimming cap

Tuck all your hair into a swimming cap before you take a dip. The cap keeps your hair safe from water, chlorine and other pollutants in the water.

4. Wash your hair as soon as you come home

Wash your hair as soon as you come home. This will rid your hair of maximum chlorine or you could use an anti-chlorine shampoo too. This will also clean your hair of other mineral deposits.

5. Comb your hair well

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to control frizz. Your hair may get tangled after a swim, so it’s advisable to comb your hair as gently as you can to avoid breakage.

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