What tea can I drink to lose belly fat?


Research suggests that some teas might help you lose weight when you take it alongside exercise and diet. The caffeine content in teas can boost your energy consumption and makes your body burn more calories.

Here’s a list of teas that can help you lose weight as well as belly fat:

  1. Oolong Tea is one traditional Chinese tea with a fruity, fragrant aroma and a unique flavor. It is believed to enhance weight loss by improving fat burning and accelerating metabolism. In a study of 102 obese individuals who consumed oolong tea daily for six weeks, it helped reduce both their body fat and weight.
  2. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants called ‘catechins’ and drinking it prior to workouts can turbocharge your fat-blasting effects. One study has reported that individuals who consumed green tea lost pounds more than those who didn’t. Several other researchers also reported that green tea consumption for 12 weeks resulted in decreased bodyweight, body fat and waist circumference.
  3. Puerh Tea is a type of fermented Chinese black tea with an earthy aroma. Studies have reported that Puerh tea supplements have aided weight loss and reduction in BMI when taken for 3 months. Daily consumption of the tea is recommended for weight loss and maintaining one’s body weight.
  4. Rooibos Tea is rich in flavonoids such as Aspalathin that helps lose weight as well as belly fat. The tea also helps reduce stress hormones triggering hunger and fat storage which are associated with health conditions including high blood pressure, heart diseases, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.
  5. White Tea helps boost fat burning processes (lipolysis) and also prevents the formation of fat tissues in the body. It contains thrice the number of polyphenols present in green tea and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Studies have reported that when taken alongside green tea, white tea consumption is linked to weight reduction, better oral health and killing cancer cells.
  6. Black Tea is of several types including popular Earl Grey and English breakfast. Studies have reported that individuals who drank black tea thrice daily for three months experienced significant weight loss and reduced waist circumference.

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