How to get healthy and glowing skin naturally


Bad eating habits are responsible for skin problems. Our skin is most affected by our diet. So it is important that you avoid eating such things which can be harmful to your skin.

So let’s see what are the tips:

1.Avoid eating fried food because such things harm your skin. It can make your skin oily, which can cause problems like acne and wrinkles.

2.Avoid eating any processed food, such as cookies, cakes, cream biscuits, puffs, etc. Because margarine is used to make them, can have a direct effect on your skin. 

3.Although dairy product is very good for health, but make sure these products are natural. Many times, cows are injected with hormones to extract their milk, and it can affect their dairy products. Consumption of such dairy products can cause hormonal imbalance in the body.


Healthy and glowing skin diet

1. Avoid eating fried food.
2.Avoid eating any processed food
3. Avoid some dairy products