Stay healthy this season- 5 key tips to follow.

Come November and every weekend gets busy with Christmas party invitations.Apart from late night shenanigans we tend to eat out more and health takes a back seat. We spoke to nutritionist Emily Hutchinson, who gave us healthy tips that we need to follow this season.

Pre-party starvation

Never go to a party without eating anything before. Nutritionist says, “Often people tend to skip breakfast thinking they will go out and eat.” But that’s where they go wrong and end up getting hungry and eating a lot at the party. Have something light like a bowl of soup, or fruits before heading out.

Eat one light meal

If you are going out, have a light lunch and vice versa.

“It helps to balance out the amount of carbs you consume. Opt  for healthier and lighter options for lunch. Salad, or just a handful of nuts is a good idea. That will help you avoid gaining those extra kilos,” says the nutritionist.

Ditch Alcohol

Avoid alcohol because it is high on calorie count. And mocktails should be a complete no-no. They are high on calories and we keep drinking them because they taste good. Also, if drinking, go for options like gin and tonic. Keep yourself hydrated, and drink a glass of water after ever drink.

Avoid Fried Food

Fried food is the most tempting option especially at the party. But, you should avoid it as much as possible and go for food that is either baked or grilled. Go for steamed, grilled, and sautéed meat and fish and avoid fried finger snacks. Also, say no to heavy dips. They are full of calories. You can also go for salads.

Desserts Strategy

Desserts are irresistible and are the ideal way to finish your meal. Fruit-based desserts like fruit yoghurt, sorbets are light on the stomach and are a wiser choice than chocolate cake. Also, if you know you will eat desserts before hand, try not to eat too much in the main course and save your appetite for desserts.