Six must-know makeup tips for people with sensitive skin

Living with sensitive skin isn’t easy. A little itch and redness can freak you out and make you anxious about using any products. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on experimenting with your makeup altogether. To help you make educated choices, we bring you 6 tips to keep in mind every time you are close to applying or selecting makeup products for yourself.

However, first things first, before you go full glam, especially with a makeup product you’ve never used before, be sure to do a patch test. Applying a small amount to the inside of the wrist can tell you how the complexion might react to the formula.

Pay attention to the expiration dates

An often overlooked element of a beauty product’s packaging is the tiny symbol that tells you “5M” (five months) “12M” (one year), etc. These dates tell you how long a product will last after it’s opened and brought to consumption.

Pay attention and make sure to replace your makeup as soon as it expires. We know it breaks your heart when you have to give up the lip shade you barely swiped twice, but it has to be done!

Reach for multitasking products

When it comes to makeup application for sensitive skin, less is more. We recommend you use multitasking products so that you can stick to a more minimal routine and stock lesser products. For example, go for a BB cream which also has an SPF. Also, apply concealer only wherever it’s needed and just accept your skin; you are perfect!

Try a BB cream instead of heavier foundation

Pigments in makeup are known to dry the skin, so it is always a better option to opt for a BB cream than a foundation because the former has fewer pigments. Even when applying powder on your face, use it sparingly since it can strip you off your protective oils. Tap off any excess before applying to be sure you’re using the bare minimum.

Focus on your tools (and keep them clean)

Reach out for makeup sponges for application to maximise coverage and keep your makeup brushes clean to prevent any irritation. It is ideal to clean them once a week. Moreover, be gentle when using your makeup tools to apply products since rubbing or swiping too harshly can cause further irritation. Also, try opting for latex-free makeup tools since it is not only easy to clean but minimises the amount of bacteria that comes in contact with your skin, making it to the list of perfect beauty tools for sensitive complexions.

Never forget to remove your makeup

With fun comes great responsibility. If you wear makeup, remember to wear it responsibly. This means you do not forget to remove your makeup.

Taking off your makeup after dancing the night away can seem like a huge task but remember it makes a world of a difference in the clarity of your skin since the bacteria stuck to your foundation, concealer and other products can easily press into your skin and wreak havoc aka breakouts.

Moreover, your skin needs some time to breathe especially during its regeneration process, like when you are sleeping. Not removing makeup can really tamper with that. Go for virgin coconut oil, which is great for sensitive skin and moisturises it at the same time.