Instagram star Kayla Itsines shares easy core workout which you can do anywhere

Training your abs and keeping them tight doesn’t require much time or effort, in fact it can actually be done anywhere.

Kayla Itsines offered her 11.8 million followers on Instagram a simple workout they can try at home.

Ladies, this workout focuses on core strength – it targets your abdominals from all angles.

“You don’t need any equipment so you can do it anywhere, anytime… get ready to @SWEAT.”

The Australian showed off her simple core workout online
(Image: Instagram)

Her core workout involves five different types of exercises which will burn your abs, here they are:

1. Inch Worm – 8 reps

Start standing with feet hip-width part. Hinge forward at your hips and place your palms on the mat.

Walk your hands forward so you’re in a high plank position, then walk your hands back towards the feet and stand up.

2. Bent-Leg Jackknife – 12 reps

Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms extended back. Raise your torso and bend your knees, then hug your knees with both hands.

3. Side Plank 40 seconds (20 each side)

Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder.

Make sure you engage your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to feet.

Hold the position without letting your hips drop during the set, then repeat on the other side.

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4. Mountain Climbers 30 reps (15 each side)

Get down on the floor in a plank position with your hands on the floor.

Pull one knee up and in towards your midsection. Lift one foot and begin bending the knee as you pull it up between the front of your body and the floor.

Repeat the method with the other knee.

5. Ab Bikes 40 reps (20 each side)

Lie face up and place your hands behind your head, supporting your neck with your fingers.

Have your abs tucked in and the small of your back pushed up against the floor. Then lift your knees in towards your chest while lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.